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Pyle 2-Button Vehicle Security System

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Part#: PWD201K

  Pyle 2-Button Vehicle Security System

Fits On:

All Jeeps (Universal), All Vehicles (Universal)

Two 3-button Transmitters w/Labeled Buttons
Built-in Relay for Parking Lights
LED Status Indicator
Emergency Override Switch
Door Lock Outputs
Electronic Dual Stage Shock Sensor
120dB 6-tone Siren
2 Auxiliary Outputs
Dome Light Output
Panic Mode
Anti-Carjack Mode
Valet Mode
Tamper Alert
Automatic Bypass for Defective Zones
Programmable Manual/Passive Arming
Programmable Passive Door Locking
Programmable Ignition Controlled Lock/Unlock
Programmable Chirp Bypass
Temporary Chirp Mute
Non-volatile Memory
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Q: What is a security system? Why buy one?
A: Security systems are electronic devices used to protect your vehicle from break-ins, deter would-be criminals, and help recover your vehicle in the event of a theft. Using precise sensors, alarm systems and wireless GPS locating devices these sophisticated units are the best way to insure that your automotive investment stays safe. These systems can be armed and disarmed remotely using a wireless controller and are often tied into the vehicle’s door locks as well. Whether you are worried about your high dollar stereo or your vehicle itself, security systems are the best front line defense. In addition to the added protection of a top of the line security system, these units also have a financial incentive in the form of insurance breaks. Many automotive insurance companies will offer discounted rates for people with a security system installed on their vehicle.

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