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Pyle AM/FM- CD/MP3 & SD/MMC/USB With Bluetooth Wireless Technology

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Part#: PLCD70MUB

  Pyle AM/FM- CD/MP3 & SD/MMC/USB With  Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Fits On:

All Jeeps (Universal), All Vehicles (Universal)

AM/FM-Tuner CD MP3 Player
PLL Synthesizer Tuning
Motorized Slide Down Detachable Face
DSP: Pop/Rock/Classic/Flat
Auto Best Station Memory/ Preset Scan
CD-R/CD-RW for MP3 Playback
ID3 Tag Information
Electronic Anti-Shock for CD/MP3
Auto Power Loading
Pause/Intro Scan/Repeat/Random
Mode Button: Radio/CD/MP3/USB/SD
30 Station Memory: 18FM/12AM
Audio Control: Volume/Balanace/Base/Treble/Fader
Local/Distance/Mono/Stereo Button
Loudness/Mute/Clock Button
RCA Preamp Output
White LED Multi Color LCD Display
1 Bit D/A Converter. 8X Oversampling
3 Beam Laser Tracking
Remote Control
240 Watts Maximum Total Output
US/European Frequency Compatible
Face Plate Carrying Case
Unit Dimensions: 7"W x 6.75"D x 1.96"H
Pyle made a name for themselves in the 1960s building high-end subwoofers. Their original Pyle Driver speaker was a mainstay in households for several decades. Since then they have expanded their lineup to include a huge range of audio and electronic entertainment products from speakers to DVD players. Based in Brooklyn, NY Pyle has always been proud of its excellent customer service. They also take pride in the fact that they are able to offer high-quality products at very reasonable prices for those who are on a tight budget. Born out of good old American ingenuity, Pyle driver has grown to become a strong presence in the electronic entertainment world.
Q: I want to buy a full stereo system. I want it to sound great and I want the bass to hit hard and be clean. What all do I need to buy to make that happen?
A: When buying a stereo it is important to outline what you want in terms of performance and sound. In general the more you are willing to spend the better your system will sound. The basic components you'll need for a good system are a high-quality stereo head-unit, four full range speakers (two front and two rear), two high-frequency tweeters, one or more subwoofers to provide the bass, a four-channel amplifier to power all of the full range speakers and a mono or two-channel amplifier to power the subwoofer. If you want to be able to fine tune your stereos sound then an equalizer is also a good idea and for better sound clarity and quality a crossover unit can be used to separate and direct the appropriate frequencies to the right speakers. The size and power-range of the speakers will depend a lot on the size of your car and how loud you want the stereo to be, but you will want to be sure to match your amplifiers power output to the power capabilities of the speakers in order to get the cleanest sound. In addition to the major components you will also want to get some good speaker wire and stereo chords to connect it all together.

Q: What does DIN mean and stand for? What's the difference between Single DIN and Double DIN when it comes to stereos, receivers, and in-dash dvd players?
A: DIN is the standardized size for car stereo head-units. Universally adopted in the 1980s it comes from the German Institute for Standardization or Deutsches Institut für Normung, hence DIN. The size refers only to the face of the unit not to how deep it is. A Single DIN stereo is roughly 7 inches x 2 inches (180mm x 50mm) and is the common size for a deck containing a single slide in CD player. Double DIN is the same width (7 inches) of single DIN but is twice the height making it 4 inches tall. Double DIN is most commonly seen in stereo units that have more elaborate displays such as small in-dash dvd players.

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