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Plasmaglow Flexible LED Wheel Well Kit - BLUE

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Part#: 10610

  Plasmaglow Flexible LED Wheel Well Kit - BLUE

Fits On:
All Full Size Trucks (Universal), All Light Trucks (Universal), All Modern Muscle Cars (Universal), All Sport Compact Cars (Un... See more

Are you tried of the limitations of Under Car Kits? The PlasmaGlow LED Wheel Well Kit will give your car a truly unique glow. The Flexible LED Wheel Well Kit includes four 3ft strips, one for each wheel well. They are encased in a transparent rubberized tubing to withstand the tough conditions of your wheel well, and are only 1/4″ thin.

Fits any Car, Truck, or SUV. Also great for use on Golf Carts. All installation hardware and installation instructions are included.

The Color-Changing version can be added to any PlasmaGlow Color-Changing Under Car Kit, or it will need a Control Box (sold separately). Single Color Kits include all necessary parts.

Available in Single Colors and Color-Changing, Lifetime Warranty.
PlasmaGlow offers the latest in aftermarket neon and LED lighting accessories for diehard automotive enthusiasts. If you love to make your ride stand out from the crowd, making the interior and exterior of your vehicle shine bright with PlasmaGlow products is a surefire way to do it! All PlasmaGlow accessories are made to install easily with minimal wiring knowledge required, and include an extensive warranty covering any defects in materials and/or workmanship.
Q: What is a wheel well light kit? Why buy one?
A: Wheel well light kits are a great accessory that allows you to light up the inside of your wheel wells to give your ride a fantastic custom look at night time. These kits will also help you show off your expensive wheels and tires after the sun goes down, so that everyone can still truly appreciate the complete look of your vehicle. Wheel well light kits are available in a full range of colors and styles from subtle white to wilder reds and greens to give your car the exact look you are after. These kits are affordable and simple to install making them perfect for even the entry level enthusiast, and if you like to take your ride to car shows, this is the ultimate accessory that is sure to keep the heads turning.

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