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Pirana Challenger Body Kit - Front Bumper Cover

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Part#: BCF87CH

  Pirana Challenger Body Kit - Front Bumper Cover


Fits On:

87-91 Ford Pick-Up

Pirana is a well established manufacturer out of Southern California who has been making custom bumpers for more than 30 years. Their longevity is a clear indication of the quality of product they make.
Pirana is a fiberglass specialist based in Compton, California. Tony Pimento is the owner, and his father Tony Sr. has been running the fiberglass shop for more than 30 years. Pirana manufactures high-end fiberglass styling products, and is truly one of the pioneers in the body kit industry.

Back in the early 2000s, Pirana private label manufactured some of Ground Designs 2000s body kits, which is quite an acclaim since they were considered to be the highest quality body kits available at that time. Pirana and Ground Designs together are responsible for the designing probably the most famous body kit design ever made: the Black Widow style.
Q: What all do body kits come with?
A: Full kits generally include the front bumper, the side skirts, and the rear bumper. Look at the body kit description to see exactly what is included. Some kits come with fender flares, wings (spoilers), hoods, or other styling accessories.

Q: What's the difference between fiberglass and poly-urethane body kits?
A: The difference between fiberglass and poly-urethane body kits is that they are made from different composite materials. Both types of materials have positive qualities. Urethane is a rubber-type material that is very flexible and will hold up well in the case of an accident. Urethane is therefore popular for its durability. Fiberglass body kits in general are less flexible than urethane body kits (although this definitely depends on the manufacturer), but are more resistant to extreme weather conditions. Additionally, paint adheres very well to fiberglass, so there likely will not be paint problems with a fiberglass. Finally, fiberglass kits are relatively inexpensive. Both composites are used widely throughout the world for body kit manufacturing, and each has proven to be very popular.

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