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PES G4 RS4 Supercharger System

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Part#: PES-RS4

  PES G4 RS4 Supercharger System


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07-11 Audi RS4; 4.2L FSI

Introducing the NEW PES G4 FSI supercharger system for the Audi RS4 4.2L 4V FSI engine. At the heart of the system is the PES cast aluminum intake manifold and an Eaton M90 supercharger. This roots-type positive displacement supercharger delivers instant, seamless boost throughout the RPM range. Eaton superchargers are used as OEM equipment on Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, and Jaguar automobiles. The system is supplied complete with all parts necessary for installation. The addition of forced induction necessitates enhanced fuel delivery to ensure the correct air/fuel ratio for performance and safety. The kit includes PES's in house ECU recalibrating and offers ultra smooth drivability, and seamless power delivery. The G4 FSI system is the result of over 2 years of design and road testing using data logging software. Our vehicles are tested under a wide variety of driving conditions ranging from "easy" daily commutes to severe track conditions. We also test our systems in a broad range of temperatures, from bitter winter cold to blazing summer heat. Testing is also conducted using both Dynojet and Mustang dynamometers. We are so confident in the reliability of the system that we offer a one year, unlimited mileage warranty.

The RS4 G4 runs a conservative 6psi boost fed through an air/liquid intercooler system which is separate from the cars cooling system. This highly efficient system provides an increase of approx 25-30% over stock HP and TQ. The system offers a power boost that instantly turns the RS4 into a true sports sedan to rival the worlds best. The tachometer seems to move through the RPM range at twice the speed of stock. The system includes all parts needed for a perfect installation. The system retains a clean, OEM under hood appearance. No hood modifications are needed! The inlet manifold is also tapped to accommodate direct port water/methanol injection should you desire.
Although a relative newcomer to the game, Performance Engineered Systems (or PES for short) has designed and built some of the most well thought-out intercooled supercharger systems that we have come across. The company loves Audi machines, but also manufactures quality performance parts (such as computer chips) for many European makes, including BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, to name a few. PES has really taken forced induction to a new level with its supercharger systems, and we can't wait to see what applications it comes up with next.
Q: What does a supercharger kit do? Why buy a supercharger?
A: A supercharger is a form of forced induction. Superchargers offer perhaps the most dramatic increase in horsepower to your car of any aftermarket products. By compressing the air, it lets the engine stuff more air into a cylinder. More air means that more fuel can be stuffed in, too, so you get more power from each explosion in each cylinder. A supercharger's power supply comes from a belt that connects directly to the engine. It gets its power the same way that your water pump or alternator does.

Q: How do you install a supercharger?
A: Superchargers are vehicle-specific, and they will come with everything needed for a direct bolt-on.

Q: Does a supercharger kit come with everything you need? Or is there a pre-condition my vehicle needs to meet in order to be able to handle a supercharger kit?
A: When purchasing a supercharger setup they are vehicle specific which means it will come with everything needed for a direct bolt-on. If you're looking to up the boost past the stock 6 to 8 psi that it comes with stock other modifications will need to be made.

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