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Performance Teknique 1000W 4 Channel Bridgeable Power Amplifier

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Part#: ICBM893

  Performance Teknique 1000W 4 Channel Bridgeable Power Amplifier

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· Max Output Power :1000W @ 2 Ohm
· Power Output :65W x 4Ch @ 4 Ohm, 80W x 4Ch @ 2 Ohm, 160W x 2Ch Bridged
· 24dB Crossover
· Variable Low Pass Filter (30Hz ~ 500Hz)
· Variable High Pass Filter (50Hz ~1KHz)
· Variable Bass Boost (0 ~ 18dB)
· Variable Subsonic Filter (10Hz ~100Hz)
· Wired Bass Remote Control
· RCA Line Output
· Double Sided PCB
· High & Low Level Input
· Two Way Protection
· Tri-Mode Speaker Connection Stable
· 2 Ohm Stable Stereo
· Soft Delayed Power On
· 0.05% THD 
Performance Technique offers something for everybody. Whether you are looking to set up a powerful stereo system, put some TV monitors in for the kids, or protect your pride and joy with an alarm system, Performance Technique has the goods to help you out. The folks at this southern California mobile entertainment company pride themselves on putting all of their products through a grueling testing phase to ensure that each product will provide years of reliable use for the customer, hence their slogan “obsession for perfection”. If you are obsessed with car entertainment systems you will love their huge selection. With new products coming out all the time it is clear that the folks at Performance Teknique have a real passion for what they do.
Q: What is the difference between a mono amplifier, a two-way amplifier, and a four-way amplifier? Which one should I buy?
A: When choosing an amplifier it is important to know what your goals are for your sound system. If you want to power a single subwoofer a mono amplifier is a good choice. A mono amplifier is a single channel amp that is ideal for low frequency situations because our ears cannot hear the difference between stereo and mono when the frequency is that low. Two-way amplifiers have two channels and are also often used to power sub-woofers however they can also be used with smaller full range speakers, but they cannot be used with both subs and mid-range speakers at the same time. A Four-way amplifier is the most versatile unit of the bunch. It features four output channels and is best suited for use in multi-speaker setups when you want to power four or more mid-range speakers or a combination of full-range speakers and subwoofers.

Q: What is a MOSFET Amplifier?
A: A MOSFET amplifier is a type of stereo amplifier that works exceptionally well in car stereo applications particularly where mid and high range frequencies are important. The word MOSFET is actually an acronym that stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. In plain English this just means that there is a highly efficient conductor inside of these amplifiers that helps them be reliable and produce good sound. Not long ago, MOSFET amps were only available as very high-end units, but now the majority of amplifiers are MOSFET type amps.

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