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Universal Halo Kit For Fog Lights

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  Universal Halo Kit for Fog Lights

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Oracle Halo kits are one of the most head turning mods you can do for the money! These Halos install into your factory headlight housings and the kit includes EVERYTHING that you need to install. You can also custom paint the headlight housings while you are installing this kit. Tested tough, Oracle halos are able to function properly after substantial impacts. Each kit comes with written instructions as well as a video and manufacturer online and phone tech support. Oracle also offers both SMD and CCFL halo kits

•SMD Kit Features
• Circuit board material
• 100000 hours of life
• Intense Light
• Bright output

•CCFL Features:
• Glass Material
• 50,000 hours of life
• Ambient Light
• Smooth Output

Halo FAQ:
• Q: Will opening the headlights cause damage?
• A: No, claims that you will melt the headlights is incorrect. The temperature is hardly warmer than the heat the light experiences from the engine bay
• Q: Will this 'break the seal' of the head light?
• A: The modern headlight is not sealed like classic automobiles. There are several vents in the light.
• Q: Will the headlight condensate after install?
• A: While headlights are made to condensate to a degree, this will not cause any additional condensation as long as you follow the instructions
• Q: Can i instill these products at my own shop?
• A: This product can be installed by any auto tech. Body and car audio shops posess the tools and skill needed and have excellent profit potential
• NOTE: All halo kits come with a Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee/warranty.
Q: Do foglights come with everything I need to install them?
A: Yes, the car-specific fog lights we sell come with a plug that is made to interface directly with your factory fog light harness, so you would literally just plug them right in when you get them and you're set to go. For the universal foglights, or if your car does not come stock with foglights, it takes a little more work. You have to go down to your local auto parts store and buy a fuse and an on/off switch, and using the foglight wiring you wire the foglight to the fuse, which is connected to the battery. It is a do-it-yourself project, but just takes a few more steps.

Q: Why buy fog lights?
A: Aside from replacing a broken factory foglights, buying foglights can be a great way to give your car a custom look. You can buy foglights with a different color than your factory foglights or that are brighter than your factory fogs. If your car doesn't come stock with foglights, then buying foglights can be great. Not only are they a great way to customize your car, but they of course also have the obvious safety features that make driving safer when you use them.

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