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NRG Innovations M12 X 1.25 Lug Nut Lock Set, 4 PC (Chrome)

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Part#: LN-L11CH

Color : Chrome

  NRG Innovations M12 x 1.25 Lug Nut Lock Set, 4 PC (Chrome)


Fits On:
00-04 Nissan Xterra, 02-Up Nissan Altima, 02-Up Subaru Impreza WRX, 03-Up Subaru Baja, 05-Up Nissan Frontier, 05-Up Nissan Pat... See more

NRG Innovations M12 x 1.25 Lug Nut Lock Set, 4 PC (Chrome)
Okay, let's all admit it: none of us knew what NRG stood for when the company first opened its doors in 2003, but what we did quickly find out is how good its products are. To be honest, we initially listened to the rumors about how NRG was just another low budget company, but once we had its products in our hands, we knew that we were dealing with some high-quality stuff. NRG's attention to detail is great, and we haven't had any problems with any of its products thus far. One of our favorite items is NRG's steering wheel quick-release kit, which comes in various models. After years of use, they stay tight and still work like new. Oh, and in case you were also wondering, NRG stands for Next Racing Generation.
Q: What are lug nuts? Why buy them?
A: Lug nuts are the crucial pieces that connect your wheels to your vehicle. While factory lug nuts may do an adequate job on a stock machine, aftermarket wheels and performance upgrades often require upgraded lug nuts to match. High performance lug nuts are designed for the rigors of high speed driving to provide maximum strength to keep your wheels secure. In addition these lug nuts are light weight which reduces rotational mass and unsprung weight to maximize your vehicle’s performance and handling characteristics. Available in a host of different finishes and designs you can find the perfect lug nuts to give ride a distinctive look that is the perfect match for your wheels. In addition lug nuts are an affordable upgrade for even budget minded enthusiasts.

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