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Lauren Engineering Body Kit - Camaro Nose Conversion

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Part#: LEX-16-C-MAL

  Lauren Engineering Body Kit - Camaro Nose Conversion


Fits On:

78-84 Malibu

This fiberglass Stage II front spoiler is the same as LEX-16-MAL Factory Front Spoiler with Air Deflector except the Stage II side vents are built in to match our Stage II line.
When you're searching for aftermarket products for your car, you want a company that is intimately knowledgeable with every facet of your pride and joy. If you own a G-Body General Motors vehicle (such as the '78-87 Malibu and El Camino, as well as the '81-88 Monte Carlo), Lauren Engineering may be the company you've been searching for. Lauren Engineering manufactures body kits, roll pans, custom ground effects, and other styling accessories exclusively for the G-Body platform.
Q: Do you put a body kit on over your factory bumpers, or do you replace your factory bumpers with a body kit?
A: Some body kits come with bumpers that replace your entire factory bumpers while others come with add-on lips that attach to your existing bumpers. It all depends on the brand and style of the body kit.

Q: What exactly is a body kit? Why buy a body kit?
A: A body kit is essentially a collection of parts that, when installed on your car, modify its appearance. Most body kits modify the look of the front and rear bumpers and of the rocker panels on a car. Many body kits consist of custom bumpers that replace your factory bumpers, while others include lips or fascias that you add to your factory bumpers. Almost all body kits come with sideskirts that are installed on top of your factory rocker panels. Body kits often create the look of a lowered vehicle and can give your car an aggressive look, a super-clean flowing look, or a race car look, to name a few types of styles. Out of all available modifications, body kits probably make the biggest impact on the appearance of a car. Installing a body kit on your car will completely change your car's look, and will certainly turn peoples' heads as you drive down the street!

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