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KYB Shock - Excel G - Rear Right

Part#: 234059

Adjustability : Non-adjustable

  KYB Shock - Excel G - Rear Right

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Fits On:

93-02 Corolla (Excluding FX Series & All Trac), Performance, Incl.S model, 93-02 Prizm

KYB's Excel-G shocks are designed specifically to replicate your vehicle’s factory shock feel as closely as possible. So if your goal is to make your vehicle’s shocks respond the way they did when you first drove it off the lot, then the Excel-G shocks are for you. In fact KYB is an excellent brand if that’s what you’re looking for, since KYB actually manufactures the factory shocks for numerous different car manufacturers!

Just to make sure you are getting what you want, this is a quick summary of each of KYB’’s different shocks lines:

AGX: Fully adjustable. Performance shock.
Excel-G: Non-adjustable. Restores factory shock feel.
Gas-a-Just: Non-adjustable. Performance shock for cars.
Monomax: Non-adjustable. Performance shock for trucks.

Not all these lines are available for every vehicle.

KYB shocks are not designed for vehicles that have been lowered more than 1.5 inches. KYB shocks provide optimal ride quality for vehicles that are at factory ride height or within 1.5 inches of the factory ride height. If your vehicle is lowered more than 1.5 inches and you are looking for shocks, consider the Tokico or Koni shocks we sell, as those lines of shocks are specifically designed to provide optimal ride quality for lowered vehicles.

In the product name and description, we sometimes use the word shock to refer to the strut. Some vehicles use struts, and for those vehicles the shock-absorbing unit you will be sent will technically be a strut. The unit is specifically designed for your vehicle.
KYB Gas Charged struts/shocks can make a tremendous improvement in the road-handling performance of any car. Replace your factory installed or worn struts with these top quality gas-charged units and get the results of having high performance struts on your car.

KYB is a world-class shock manufacturer. In fact, 1 in every 4 cars built around the world uses KYB shocks and struts! The GR-2 shock is designed to restore original handling and control, awhile the AGX shock is made to be an upgrade with additional handling and control over OE.
Q: How do you install shocks/struts?
A: Shocks are easier to install because there are only two bolts holding in each shock absorber. Struts are a bit more difficult because there is a compressed spring that needs to be removed first. Once the spring has been removed the new strut can be installed with the OEM or aftermarket spring re-installed.

Q: What are struts and shocks? Why buy them?
A: Shock absorbers (shocks) are a device that controls spring motion through dampening. A shock absorber slows down and reduces the vibrations created by imperfections in the roadway. A strut is a shock absorber mounted inside a coil spring that does the same job of dampening. Whether your car uses a strut or shock depends on the factory setup, but both do the same thing and are synonymous in terms of their function. The product listings on our website indicate exactly what is available for your car. Aftermarket struts or shocks are an especially good purchase when lowering your car because they are specially made for optimal performance based on ride height, and can handle the extra stress your suspension will throw at them. Your factory struts or shocks will be out of their "comfort zone" if you lower your car, which causes them to wear down faster and ultimately fail. You can definitely lower your car without replacing the struts/shocks, but they will wear down quickly, and you ride quality will suffer.

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