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Hitron 4 Gauge Amplifier Installation K

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Part#: KIT4A

  Hitron 4 Gauge Amplifier Installation K

Fits On:

All Jeeps (Universal), All Vehicles (Universal)

• 25ft RCA Interconnect high definition audio cable shielded with Built in remote wire
• 20ft Red Power Wire
• 4ft 4 Gauge Blue/Purple Ground Wire
• 35ft 12 Gauge OFC Speaker Cable
• 20ft 16 Gauge Blue remote turn on wire
• AGU type 4 Gauge Water Resistant Inline Fuse Holder
• 80 Amp Gold plated Agu Fuse
• 4 Gauge Gold ring terminal
• 6ft 4Guage Split loom for cable protection and organization
Q: How many watts should I make sure my amplifier can handle? How do I know which wattage is best for me?
A: Matching your amplifier's power with your speakers is of utmost importance to a good sounding stereo system. If you are planning on running large subwoofers for added bass you should know that subs need a lot more power (around four times more) than the other component speakers in your system. There is no set amount of power that is best for a car stereo system but usually the more power you can run, the richer and fuller the sound quality will be from the system. The most important thing is to match the amp to the speakers you are using. If you are going to run four mid-range speakers and they can handle 50 watts a piece then you'll want an amp that can supply close to 50 watts per channel. In that same system you may run a subwoofer that can handle 200 watts, in which case you will need an amp that can supply at least 150 watts to the sub.

Q: What is a Class D Amplifier?
A: A Class D Amplifier is an electronic amp that operates using binary switches so that the amp is either all the way on or all the way off with little to no time spent in transition. As a result, Class D amplifiers are extremely efficient and will make the most use out of limited battery power, such as in an automotive application. These amplifiers are also highly compact and affordable, although they give up a bit in sound quality to more expensive amplifiers.

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