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H&R Lowering Springs - Cup Kit Suspension (Lowers Front:2.6 Inch/ Rear:2-1/2)

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For 4

Part#: 31022-1

Color : Black
Front Drop : 2.6"
Rear Drop : 2.5"

  H&R Lowering Springs - Cup Kit Suspension (Lowers Front:2.6 inch/ Rear:2-1/2)


Fits On:

00-Up Ford Focus (Except wagon)

H&R Lowering Springs - Cup Kit Suspension (Lowers Front:2.6 inch/ Rear:2-1/2)
H&R, one of the best known names in suspension, now offers performance springs for many applications. From light track use to daily driving, H&R is a great way to go.

Since the late 1970's, H&R Special Springs has been manufacturing the highest quality premium suspension components available. Proven quality and true performance can only be obtained through precise, in-house design, innovative technology and superior attention to detail. These standards define the H&R esteemed automotive heritage and allow them to produce performance street suspension applications that unleash a vehicle’s superior handling and ride potential.

Co-founders Mr. H and Mr. R, with their vast automotive engineering skills, extensive driving experience and first-hand suspension expertise, introduced the original aftermarket performance springs to the European market, immediately establishing H&R as the one-and-only automotive authority in suspension technology for driving enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

H&R is all about quality. From the finest materials to their design specific applications and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, H&R defines quality excellence.
Q: Are lowering springs adjustable?
A: Lowering springs are not adjustable; you cannot change the ride height on them. See our product descriptions to find out the exact drop the springs offer for each listing. If you want an adjustable lowering system, then you should look at coilovers, which are essentially adjustable lowering springs.

Q: What are lowering springs? Why buy lowering springs?
A: Springs' basic function is to cushion and absorb the shocks and bumps that are encountered as the vehicle is driven. Coupled with a shock absorber they make up the main element of your vehicle's suspension. When you want to lower your car, you buy new lowering springs that are made to set your car closer to the ground. Anybody who wants to lower his or her car has to replace the factory springs with either lowering springs or coilovers (coilovers are the same as lowering springs, except adjustable).

Q: How do you install lowering springs?
A: The factory spring and strut housing need to be removed. Once the factory springs and struts are removed, they can be replaced with your aftermarket springs. A professional shop should install your springs, since they are pressurized and since an alignment will need to be done at the same time the installation is completed.

Q: Do lowering springs come in sets of 4?
A: All lowering springs on our website are sold in sets of four; unless otherwise specified.

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