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Gsi Universal 12V DC To 110V AC Power Inverter Plus + 5V USB Adapter

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Part#: GUIA01

  Gsi Universal 12V DC To 110V AC Power Inverter Plus + 5V USB Adapter

Fits On:

All Jeeps (Universal), All Vehicles (Universal)

Convert DC 12V electricity provided by the automobile into AC power
Can be used with a variety of electric devices with power consumption less than 100W
Input voltage range: DC 11V-15V; Output voltage range: AC 110V
Max. Output: 100W; Continuous Output: 75W
While most audio companies focus on speakers, woofers, amplifiers and head units, the folks at GSI understand that the glue which holds a sound system together are the cables and connectors. They have carved out a great niche providing high-end cables and connectors to give your OEM or aftermarket stereo system the ultimate in sound quality. Based in Brooklyn, NY GSI is a small company, but their passion for mobile audio is enormous. Their staff is both knowledgeable and friendly to ensure that you get the very best technical assistance and keep using GSI for all of your audio cable and connector needs. All of their products are made to meticulous standards using the highest grade raw materials to guarantee that you receive unparalleled performance from your GSI components.
Q: What does a Power Inverter do? Why buy a Power Inverter?
A: The basic function of a power inverter is to take your vehicle's 12 volt DC power and convert it to 110 volt AC power like you have in your standard home wall outlet. Depending on the amperage rating of the inverter this lets you run a wide array of electrical devices that need AC power to work like televisions, small appliances, power tools or any AC style charging device. This makes them very useful on road trips and camping adventures. Inverters come in a lot of different styles, some are hardwired to the car's battery and some are simple adapters that plug directly into a cigarette lighter outlet. Check your power needs carefully before choosing the right power inverter.

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