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Gsi Executive Bluetooth System W/Comfortable Full Size Privacy Handset & Full Size Lighted Keypad For Easy Dialing

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Part#: CT-1000

  Gsi Executive Bluetooth System W/Comfortable Full Size Privacy Handset & Full Size Lighted Keypad For Easy Dialing

Fits On:

All Jeeps (Universal), All Vehicles (Universal)

This hands free system can be installed in any vehicle, As soon as you turn the ignition on, your Bluetooth enabled cell phone links to our full featured hands free system. It gives you full control and lets you dial and talk hands free without taking your phone out of your pocket or purse and holding it in your hand while driving.

Works With Most Bluetooth Cell Phones
Easy To Pair With Your Phone
Full Size Lighted Keypad For Easy Dialing
Quality DSP 2 Way Speaker Phone
Connects Directly To The Factory Speakers, Or Plug In A Optional External Speaker
Radio Mute Wire (300 Ma Output)
500 Contacts Phonebook
2.5mm Jack To Plug in a Headset
Comfortable Full Size Privacy Handset
Holds Up To 4 Paired Phones In Memory
Easy To Switch From 1 Phone To Another
LCD Display Caller Id
Talking Caller Id (On/Off)
Talking Keypad (On/Off)
20 Received Calls Memory
20 Dialed Calls Memory
Speed Dial By Location
Displays The Name Of The Phone That Is Connected
Shows The Battery And the Signal Strength Of The Cell Phone (Most Phones)

This system can be installed in CAR - TRUCK - SUV - BOAT - BIG RIG - RV - LIMO - BUS - AMBULANCE - FIRE TRUCK - COMMAND POST ETC.
While most audio companies focus on speakers, woofers, amplifiers and head units, the folks at GSI understand that the glue which holds a sound system together are the cables and connectors. They have carved out a great niche providing high-end cables and connectors to give your OEM or aftermarket stereo system the ultimate in sound quality. Based in Brooklyn, NY GSI is a small company, but their passion for mobile audio is enormous. Their staff is both knowledgeable and friendly to ensure that you get the very best technical assistance and keep using GSI for all of your audio cable and connector needs. All of their products are made to meticulous standards using the highest grade raw materials to guarantee that you receive unparalleled performance from your GSI components.
Q: What does Bluetooth do? Why buy a Bluetooth product?
A: Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses short wave radio transmissions to automatically connect and send data over small distances like from a head set to a cell phone. Bluetooth has been heavily used by the cell phone industry for devices such as hands free headsets and also to link cell phones directly to a car's stereo and navigation systems. It is also used for personal computers, GPS systems, gaming consoles, and other device networking purposes. Bluetooth has revolutionized the way devices interact and has made life that much more convenient. Getting a product that is Bluetooth compatible will give you the ability to utilize these wireless networking features to make things like hands-free phone calls from your car a breeze.

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