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Fairchild Vent Window Division Bar - Driver Side Or Passenger Side

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Part#: F4914

  Fairchild Vent Window Division Bar - Driver Side or Passenger Side


Fits On:

1966-1977 Ford Bronco

OEM Part Number: C6TZ9721450A, Partslink FO1396107

• Parts are commercial equivalent to OEM, reversed Engineered, tested on vehicle/in application for fit, function and to perform as OEM original
• Parts are made with equivalent Automotive grade OEM materials
• EPDM rubber is OEM equivalent and UV protected
Fairchild Industries has become a trusted source for plastic and rubber automotive products such as weatherstripping, and with almost half a century of manufacturing experience, it's no wonder. You might think that something like weatherstripping is no big deal and could be sourced from just any manufacturer, but believe us - quality is key when it comes to plastic and rubber products for your vehicle. We've all been in a late '70s or early '80s car, in which the plastic door panels were cracked and falling apart, and the wind whistling between the windows and weatherstripping was so loud that it was actually more quiet to just roll the windows all the way down! Fairchild helps eradicate those problems with quality parts that fit right and install easily, giving your car or truck the protection it needs from the elements. If you haven't checked out Fairchild Industries yet, you owe it to yourself to see what the company has in store for your ride.
Q: What are weather strips? Why buy them?
A: Weather stripping is rubberized trim which mounts in the gaps around doors and windows to keep the water and cold air out and keep the heat inside. Stripping also serves to dampen vibrations and prevent rattles that would occur without this buffer. Over the years your OEM weather stripping dries out, cracks and eventually falls apart. This lets damaging moisture into your ride which can cause mold and rust, and it will also render your heater ineffective on cold winter nights. Fortunately new weather stripping is available to replace your crumbling old rubber. With new weather stripping you can restore comfort to your ride for many miles to come, and with reasonable prices you do not have to spend a fortune to ride in contentment.

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