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Fabtech 5" Short Arm System W/ Performance Shocks

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Part#: K4038

  Fabtech 5

Fits On:

07-11 Jeep JK 4WD

Utilizing the factory link arm mounts Fabtech offers a 5" Short Arm system that features heavy wall 5/16" thick links with rotational urethane ends for unrestricted movement. These heavy duty links feature adjustable ends to dial in caster and pinion angles. System includes front upper and lower links while the rear receives lower links only. Lift is accomplished with replacement coil springs that have a slightly higher spring rate over factory while retaining flexibility for off-road use. The front Trac Bar is relocated keeping the arc of travel uniform to the drag link angle with included dropped pitman arm. The relationship of the Trac Bar and drag link is critical in providing bump steer free driving. The rear Trac Bar is also relocated keeping the axle located under the vehicle for proper front and rear axle tracking. Fabtech offers heavy duty replacement driveshaft's to be used with this system for maximum driveline reliability. Extended length bump stop brackets, sway bar links and brake line brackets finish off this excellent performing system.

5" Short Arm System
• Use 37/12.50R17 tires w/ 17x8.5 wheels w/ 5” BS w/ minor trimming

• 1 FTS24081BK Component Box
• 1 FTS24085BK Coil Spring Box
• 2 FTS7188 Front Performance Shock
• 2 FTS6002 Rear Performance Monotube Shocks

Order Required Driveshaft's
• 1 FTS94057 2007-12 Front Driveshaft 2 & 4 Door Models
• 1 FTS94051 2007-11 Rear Driveshaft 2 Door Model Only
• 1 FTS94052 2007-11 Rear Driveshaft 4 Door Model Only
• 1 FTS94058 2012 Rear Driveshaft 2 Door Model Only
• 1 FTS94059 2012 Rear Driveshaft 4 Door Model Only

*Kit Price does not Include Drive Shafts.
When truck enthusiasts think "off-road", they think Fabtech. After all, with its humble beginnings as a pre-runner/race fabrication shop and evolution into a world-renowned suspension and accessories manufacturer, Fabtech knows off-roading! Lift solutions and accessories are available for almost every make and model of two and four-wheel drive truck and SUV, so Fabtech has your truck needs covered at a price you can live with. If you need to hook your truck "up", whether for the trails or the street, take a look at the Fabtech line.
Q: What is a suspension lift kit? Why buy one? How does a suspension lift differ from a leveling lift, and how does either of those differ from a body lift?
A: There are many ways that you can lift your vehicle. The most common forms include suspension lift kits, leveling lift kits and body lift kits. A suspension lift kit is a means of raising your truck, SUV or Jeep by utilizing suspension components such as taller springs and longer shock absorbers. Leveling kits utilize helper springs or spacers in order to boost the ride height on only one end of your rig so that it rides with a level stance and potentially can clear larger tires. Body lift kits gain clearance at the wheel wells to fit larger tires by using spacers between the body of the vehicle and the frame. With the body sitting higher away from the frame there is more room for big wheels and tires, however the actual ground clearance underneath the vehicle remains unchanged. Although the priciest of these options, a suspension lift kit is the most complete, and for most situations ideal, form of lift for your rig. By incorporating new springs and usually shocks, you not only gain lift, but you have the correct spring rates and shock valving to match the lift. Usually people add lift to their rides in order to clear larger tires for off road use. Larger tires are heavier and so require different suspension settings. With a complete suspension lift kit you will have the right equipment to work with your heavy duty tires so you can worry less about unsafe handling and focus instead on where your next adventure will be. Many of these kits also come with longer brake lines and custom steering linkage to compensate for the added lift. Another nice thing about suspension lift kits is that not only do you gain clearance for bigger rubber, but you also gain ground clearance under the vehicle so that you are less likely to hit rocks or get high-centered when driving off road. As with all lift kits, when you raise your rig, the center of gravity also moves higher so be sure to drive with caution as there is an increased risk of rollover.

Q: What is a complete lift kit? Why buy one? What parts do complete lift kits normally come with? Do complete lift kits ever vary in terms of part composition?
A: Complete lift kits come with all the necessary components to lift your vehicle’s ride height. If you are looking to gain clearance under your vehicle for rough roads or get some extra wheel well space for larger wheels and tires, complete lift kits are the absolute best way to go because it is essentially one stop shopping. With a complete lift kit you can gain the clearance you need to drive on the trails and will give your rig an aggressive new look at the same time that is sure to turn heads as you drive down the road. So whether you are after the right look or need some additional function from your truck, we highly recommend complete lift kits.

Normally if you are dealing with a complete suspension lift kit this means you will get four new lift springs, mounting hardware, bushings and shock absorbers to match your new springs all in one kit. If it is a body lift kit this means all the appropriate spacers, bushings and hardware to complete the lift. If it is a shackle lift the kit will include shackles, bushings and hardware. However, there is often variation between brands on what is included in a complete lift kit. For example some kits may include extended brake lines or longer shackles in the package in addition to springs, shocks and hardware. On the other hand some companies require you to buy extended brake lines or even shock absorbers separately and only include the basic springs and hardware in the kits. Be sure to look carefully at what is included in each kit and shop accordingly. If one kit is noticeably cheaper than another there is probably a good reason; it may not include all of the same components.

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