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Earthquake TNT 4X100CH And 1X500 Full Digital Amplifier (Remote Turn On, Bass/Treble/Xover)

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Part#: TD5X

  Earthquake TNT 4X100CH and 1X500 Full Digital Amplifier (Remote Turn On, Bass/Treble/Xover)


Fits On:
All Cars (Universal), All Jeeps (Universal), All Muscle Cars (Universal), All SUVs (Universal), All Trucks (Universal), All Va... See more

• Number Of  Channels:5
• Max Power Output:3000 Watts
• RMS Power 4-Ohm Stereo:4 x 100 + 1 x 600
• THD @ 4-Ohm:> 0.01%
• Channel Separation:> 60dB
• SNR:95dB Below Rated Power
• LPF Crossover Frequency:40Hz - 400Hz
• HPF Crossover Frequency:40Hz - 400Hz
• SUB Crossover Frequency:40Hz - 160Hz
• Fuse Rating:3 x 25Amp
• Dimension:2.25" x 9.75" x 16.375"
The world of car audio can be difficult to navigate, but the people at Earthquake have made it their mission to deliver one stop shopping to audio enthusiasts all over the world. With over a decade of experience they have developed a full line of products that boast high-end sound quality without an outrageous price tag. Based in Hayward, CA the company was founded by enthusiasts and they have proven their products in sound competitions all over the country. With a massive trophy case to prove their clout, Earthquake products are not just about being loud, but also delivering a high quality music experience and a unique look. Backed up by excellent service and expertise, the people at Earthquake look to continue to make their mark for years to come.
Q: What is the difference between a mono amplifier, a two-way amplifier, and a four-way amplifier? Which one should I buy?
A: When choosing an amplifier it is important to know what your goals are for your sound system. If you want to power a single subwoofer a mono amplifier is a good choice. A mono amplifier is a single channel amp that is ideal for low frequency situations because our ears cannot hear the difference between stereo and mono when the frequency is that low. Two-way amplifiers have two channels and are also often used to power sub-woofers however they can also be used with smaller full range speakers, but they cannot be used with both subs and mid-range speakers at the same time. A Four-way amplifier is the most versatile unit of the bunch. It features four output channels and is best suited for use in multi-speaker setups when you want to power four or more mid-range speakers or a combination of full-range speakers and subwoofers.

Q: What is a Mono-Block Amplifier?
A: A Mono-Block amplifier is a two channel amplifier, but unlike many stereo amps the two channels are separated into two different systems. The main benefit of this type of setup is that it helps to eliminate cross talk or interference between the two channels, allowing for better sound quality. Mono-Block amps also operate with greater efficiency than most stereo amps. The biggest down side of a Mono-Block is that they cost nearly twice as much as an equivalent stereo amp, so you'll have to decide for yourself if the extra cost is worth it for a sound that is not interfered with and perfectly clean.

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