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Cobra Power Inverter - CPI 150 - Microport 150 Watt

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Part#: CPI 150 BK

  Cobra Power Inverter - CPI 150 - Microport 150 Watt

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All Jeeps (Universal), Universal

This inverter provides household power on the go! It converts battery power to 120 V AC household power and is the smallest 150 Watt power inverter available that you can use on an airplane or in a car. Power up office equipment and appliances under 150 watts. This unit is ideal for video games, an IPod®, a Blackberry®, mobile phones, laptops and many more USB devices. Its compact size and included carrying case makes it ideal for travelers. 
Whether you need a set of two-way radios to keep in touch from across the track, or a radar, laser, or safety camera detector to stay out of trouble off the track, Cobra is well-known for being a leader in communications technology. With an ever-expanding line of products being introduced to serve the masses, Cobra has stayed on top of its game with breakthroughs such as the first touchscreen radar detector, and two-way radios with built-in digital voice recorders, which will help ensure that you'll never miss another important message. The company has also introduced a line of GPS devices, Bluetooth accessories, and even manufactures power inverters, so if you're into communications electronics Cobra offers lots of great options.
Q: What does a Power Inverter do? Why buy a Power Inverter?
A: The basic function of a power inverter is to take your vehicle's 12 volt DC power and convert it to 110 volt AC power like you have in your standard home wall outlet. Depending on the amperage rating of the inverter this lets you run a wide array of electrical devices that need AC power to work like televisions, small appliances, power tools or any AC style charging device. This makes them very useful on road trips and camping adventures. Inverters come in a lot of different styles, some are hardwired to the car's battery and some are simple adapters that plug directly into a cigarette lighter outlet. Check your power needs carefully before choosing the right power inverter.

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