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Clip Light Manufacturing The Vector 7 Ultra Violet (UV) Inspection Light

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Part#: CLP87DC

  Clip Light Manufacturing The Vector 7 Ultra Violet (UV) inspection Light

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Universal (All Vehicles)

Features and Benefits:

•The seven high powered LEDs produce rich amounts of UV energy at 405nm with only limited visible light
•6 hour battery life/5 hour recharge time
•The NiMH 1800mAh metal hydride battery has no memory effect
•The internal microchip circuitry prevents over charging
•Monitored Light OutputOur breakthrough focal lens technology vectors and focuses UV LED beams of light into one powerful and high intensity dye illuminating force. The Vector 7 UV Lamps channels LED beams for greater contrast for inspection work, including identifying automotive leaks with UV dye: in fact these save time and money because they find small leaks and find them faster. The Vector 7 Ultra Violet (UV) Inspection Light with Vector Focal Technology is on the cutting edge of Light Emitting Diode technology and design by focusing (seven) LEDs into one intense UV spot. With the Vector 7, the concentrated beam is approximately 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" diameter at a distance of 9" to 10" , and 2" diameter from 15" away. Optimized contrast for maximum inspection results ensures greater inspection success. Saves Time and Money - Techs are able find the smaller leaks and find them faster. Battery may be charged at any time for any length of time. Worry free charging - Plug in and walk away. UV output remains substantially constant until the charge indicator begins to glow red; also indicating 15 minutes of usable UV output is remaining. Responsive charge monitoring allows for techs to be ready when they want and not when their tools dictate.
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