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Brand-X 12" High Power Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer

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Part#: XFL12SPL

Speaker Type : Subwoofers

  Brand-X 12

Fits On:

All Jeeps (Universal), All Vehicles (Universal)

12" Super Stiff Treated Pulp Ultra-Lite Cone
Oversize High Density Foam Surround
Dual 3" High Temperature Baccar Voice Coil
Double Stacked 320 Oz Magnet Structure
Vented Pole Piece Back Plate
Die Cast Aluminum Frame
Power Handling:2000 Watts Rms / 4000 Watts Peak
Frequency Response: 30hz-1200hz
Impedance (Per Coil): 1.2 Ohm
Effciency: 91db
Includes Installation Template
Straight out of Brooklyn, NY Brand X is an emerging car audio company with bright future ahead of them. They offer a full array of innovative electronic components including car stereo amplifiers, head units, speakers, enclosures, mobile DVD, navigation and a whole lot more. With very affordable prices they have made themselves accessible to all customers but still provide a good quality product that will last down the road. The folks at Brand X know the importance of high-quality sound and they have focused their attention on producing the best audio experience for their customers. They also offer great personal customer and technical service making them an easy company to work with.
Q: What is a coaxial speaker? Why would I buy one?
A: A coaxial speaker is an affordable and popular speaker that consists of a mid-range or woofer with a tweeter mounted over the center of the cone. This allows for the single speaker to accommodate a full range of frequencies with the woofer handling the low to mid-range and the tweeter handling the highs. The main advantages of coaxial speakers are low-cost and ease of installation. Many times these speakers are designed in sizes meant to directly replace OEM units. The major downside is they do not offer the best sound quality compared to component style speakers. If you don't want to go crazy with your stereo system but just want a simple budget upgrade, then coaxial speakers are just the ticket.

Q: How many watts should I make sure my subwoofer can handle? How do I know which wattage is best for me?
A: If you are looking to buy a subwoofer it is important to know what kind of amplifier you are planning on running as well. The power output of the amp will largely dictate what subwoofer you can run. If you have an amplifier that puts out 200 watts, you will need a subwoofer that can handle at least 200 watts. If you are planning on bridging your amplifier remember to double the wattage per channel when figuring out which subwoofer to go with. In general you will want to power your subwoofer with an amp that can provide 75% -100% of the speaker's peak power capabilities. So if you have a 10" subwoofer that can handle 200 watts peak power then you will want an amp that can put out at least 150 watts or a 2 channel amp at 75 watts per channel bridged together. A 200+ watt amplifier matched to an appropriate 10" or 12" subwoofer is usually a good starting point for some hard hitting bass.

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