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BMC Predator II Ram Air Hood

  BMC Predator II Ram Air Hood

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BMC Predator II Ram Air Hood

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  BMC Predator II Ram Air Hood


Fits On:

11-12 Cruze

Add style and performance to your 2011 or 2012 Chevy Cruze with this Predator II Fiberglass Hood. BMC took an aggressive original design (BMC's Predator Hood), and soften some edges, gave additional engine clearance and greater visibility from inside the vehicle. This 11-12 Chevrolet Cruze Predator II Hood is made to add style to your ride and throw air over the air inbox. BMC Extreme Customs auto accessories give you the best in show. The Predator and Predator II Hoods are made in the USA!

Rightly named the Predator II Cruze Hood, this aftermarket ram air hood will have your Chevy hunting down on Civics, Elantras, Corollas, Mazda 3, Focus or any other trying to compete!

Each hood contains a variety of features that give your vehicle a true advantage when facing any competitor both in the show or on the trail. Each product is an exact fit to your model and body style by year and installs easily and securely using OEM hardware and manufacturer accessories.

This hood has 3 functions:

1) To get more air to your open air intake.This hood has Built-in Ram Air Kit which is fully functional. The cool air enters open front air scoops and is directed to the air box location.

2) The Cruze Ram Air Hood weighs 7 pounds less then the stock hood, therefore reducing overall weight for improved performance.

3) The increased clearance under the hood allows any future engine upgrades.

The Quality is show room finish. The hood is hand laid fiberglass with smooth grey gel coat that is finished on both the top and bottom of the hood. There are Reinforced Metal Latch & Hinge Plate For Additional Safety. The integrated stainless mesh grille gives it a complete look. This hood is made to be a direct bolt on using OEM Hardware.
BMC Extreme Customs has really earned its name with its line of outrageous fiberglass and carbon fiber hoods. With names like the Black Mamba and the Predator, it's no surprise that BMC's products are a break from the norm. The company's hoods are finished both top and bottom for a factory quality look, and they are made to bolt on using your vehicle's factory hardware. Fitment is excellent, and all ram air hoods are fully functional, directing oxygen to the vehicle's intake filter box for a rush of cool air. If you like getting extra attention for your vehicle, BMC Extreme Customs hoods are among the best we've found.

Q: How do you install a fiberglass hood?
A: Depending on the manufacturer, fiberglass hoods are often close to OEM fit, which means you simply unbolt your factory hood and replacing it with the custom hood.

Q: Are hood pins required for a fiberglass or carbon fiber hood?
A: We strongly advise using hood pins on all fiberglass and carbon fiber hoods, as they provide an additional level of safety should the main latch fail or if a strong gust of wind should peel the hood skin away from its skeleton. In addition, lift-off “race weight” fiberglass hoods require hood pins on all four corners, as they do not have provisions for latches or hinges.

Q: The hood I'm considering buying from Andy's is vented and has openings in it that appear to expose it to rain. Should I be concerned about that? Will it be harmful to my vehicle if rain goes through those vents into my engine bay? Is there a way to protect against that from happening?
A: Adding guards could potentially defeat the purpose of a vented hood, which is to help cool your engine bay. Some customers do get creative and add their own diverters under the hood for a custom solution to the perceived problem, but you would have to figure out how to attach them and whether there's room under the hood in the first place. That being said, we have never heard of any problems running a vented hood as-is, and we've done it ourselves for many years without any issues to speak of.

Q: Can fiberglass hoods help your vehicle's performance at all?
A: Most fiberglass hoods are substantially lighter than the factory hood, which would decrease weight and therefore increase performance and make acceleration and braking quicker. Some fiberglass hood manufacturer's also provide optional "functional" air induction kits as an option to be purchased with the hood. The kits, when installed, direct incoming cold air that travels through the hood vent directly to your air box, thereby increasing horsepower and making the hood functional. Only a few hood manufacturers offer a the kit that makes the hood functional.

Q: Why buy a fiberglass hood?
A: Fiberglass hoods are a fantastic way to customize the appearance of your car. There are several different styles available, and they all can change the look of your car instantly. These hoods should be painted to match the color of your car, and are normally lighter than your factory hood and therefore better for performance.

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