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AutoLoc 120º Slimline Ultra-Thin Manual Upright / Lambo / Vertical Door System

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Part#: UDST

  AutoLoc 120º Slimline Ultra-Thin Manual Upright / Lambo / Vertical Door System

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All Vehicles (Universal)

Thin is in! AutoLöc's™ SlimLine Ultra-Thin Vertical Door System is a revolution in Lambo/Upright Door engineering. Featuring AutoLöc's™ famous heavy-duty anti-wobble construction and smooth swing movement, the SlimLine is only 2" thick with a swing arm that is only 1/2" thick! Its reduced size makes it a perfect fit for imports, roadsters, and other vehicles that have limited fender room and clearance. The UDST kit comes with all necessary hardware, detailed instructions, full tech support, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Kit Contains:
2 SlimLine 2" Thick 120 Degree Hinges
2 SlimLine 1/2" Thick Swing Arms
2 Heavy Duty 220lb Gas Struts
2 Removable Mounting Arms
4 Multi Angle Gas Strut Mounting Brackets
8 Gas Strut Ball Studs
2 AutoLoc Stickers
Detailed Instructions
Lifetime Warranty
Autoloc is an established manufacturer that has a knack for developing creative new products. They were among the first to offer vertical door conversion kits and shaved door kits, to name a few. Their shaved door kits are powered by strong solenoid systems that are extremely durable. A shaved door kit is a great way give your vehicle an ultra-clean look!
Q: What are vertical doors? Why buy vertical doors?
A: Vertical door kits are door hinges that allow your doors to open up in a Lamborghini fashion, vertically. They are perhaps the most head-turning modification you can do to your car. The exquisite characteristic once only seen on world-class super cars is now available for your car. If you are looking to get your car noticed, there is no doubt whatsoever that having vertical doors on your car will do that.

Q: How do you install lambo doors?
A: There are two types of lambo door kits: bolt-on and weld-on. The bolt-on kits are vehicle-specific and the manufacturer has already done all the engineering work to make sure the kit directly matches your factory bolt pattern, and that the shocks that come with the hinges are the right strength to open your doors vertically. Weld-on kits, which are universal, have not been made to specifically fit your vehicle. Instead, they are just a universal hinge kit is built with the mechanism that opens your doors vertically, but that has to be welded on since it won't match your factory door hinge bolt pattern. Bolt-on kits cost more than weld-on kits, but they probably require less than half the installation labor of a weld-on kit if not more.

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