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AC Autotechnic Shift Knob - M2-Type Auto/Manual

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Part#: KB-M2105

  AC Autotechnic Shift Knob - M2-Type Auto/Manual

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All Jeeps (Universal), Universal - Fits all Vehicles

AC's line of shift knobs and e-brakes incorporates the most advanced designed concepts in the interior vehicle enhancements. These integrated shift knobs add the most versatile concept - a universal fit for either manual or automatic (R2 / RG Style). Manufactured in the U.S> and constructed from CNC machined billet t6061 aluminum. Utmost show finish.
AC Autotechnic is a Southern California-based manufacturer of cosmetic and performance aftermarket parts, and because of the company's dedication to attention to detail, those two segments of its product lines aren't necessarily mutually exclusive to one another. Each AC Autotechnic product could easily be considered a work of art, but luckily for us they can be had without the snobbish price tag. So, whether you want your ride to look good, go fast, or do both at the same time, AC Autotechnic has the gear to get it done.
Q: How do you install a shift knob?
A: Universal shift knobs use allen screws to attach to your factory shift lever. Car specific shift knobs will thread onto your factory shift lever.

Q: Do shift knobs fit every vehicle?
A: Shift knobs are universal, which means they fit most cars and trucks. Universal shift knobs use a universal set-screw attachment and include a finishing ring. The key thing to look out for is that there is a difference between automatic and manual shift knobs. Some shift knobs are car specific and will thread onto your factory shift lever. One caveat is for cars that are an automatic and have a button on the shift knob - for those, you have to buy a replacement shift knob that also has a button in order to maintain the functionality of the knob.

Q: I have an automatic. How do I know which of these shift knobs will work?
A: Whether or not a shift knob will work on your automatic vehicle will depend on how your stock shift knob operates. If your existing shift knob uses a button to shift gears, your best bet is to use an aftermarket shift knob that also has a button. The location of the button does not matter, as top or side-mounted buttons will work with almost any automatic transmission that requires a button. If your automatic shifter does not use a button, you may use any universal shift knob.

Q: Why buy a shift knob?
A: Aftermarket shift knobs are a great way to spruce up the interior of your vehicle. With hundreds of different styles, you are sure to find the right shift knob for you.

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