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Fits: 00-01 Explorer Sport Trak w/o composite (plastic) leaf , 00-04 Pickup, Tacoma 4WD, Pre-Runner , 04-11 Canyon , 04-11 Colorado, 05-09 Dakota P/U , 05-1 ...

PART# 550

Price: $68.12
Qty: Kit

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Fits: 79-99 Pickup, Tacoma 4WD, Pre-Runner (rear half only due to clearance), 86-05 Astro Van w/o composite (plastic) leaf , 86-05 Safari Van w/o composite ...

PART# 815

Price: $100.76
Qty: Kit

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Q: What is a load assist? Why buy one?
A: Load assist kits are suspension components designed to provide stability and support to the suspension of vehicle’s carrying heavy loads. By bumping up spring rates and altering suspension geometry these systems can provide increased load carrying capacity and added lateral stability which drastically increases vehicle safety and control. An overloaded rig is a highly volatile machine. Even the slightest disturbance to the vehicle’s suspension can cause it to sway out of control endangering the life of the driver and everyone else on the road around them. If you frequently haul heavy loads, including pulling trailers, load assist is a must. Do not put your life at risk, with load assist you can take on heavy loads knowing you are still in control.

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