Some of the Scariest Things We Could Find

Every once in a while, we at Andy's peer outside the industry and share a glimpse of things we find interesting. That's what you'll find below! The below information was sourced from scariest.biz

The Rockefeller Initiative goes once upon a time during the years 1993-1996, billionaire Laurance Rockefeller tried to persuade President Bill Clinton to release government held information to the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial life and to provide amnesty to government employees wishing to come forward and testify regarding relevant events and evidence.

While we know the disclosure ended in 1996 and the initiative was left unsuccessful, it did lead up to engagement of the UFO/ET issue by Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, Congressman Steven Schiff, John Podesta, Governor Bill Richardson and others right up until the present time.

What I wonder is why the initiative failed? Did Bill Clinton and his family get threatened or did he not want to sacrifice his wife's chance in becoming the first lady to become President of the United States. This is one of my main concerns, because if he did get threatened and Monica Lewinsky scandal was the result, this means all of us are truly unsafe.

Here at Scariest.biz, we are all about monsters, ghosts and aliens. But sometimes we see other scary stuff that's worth a mention. Check out this scary car! We found a picture of this Mustang on this website, and man this thing looks mean. It's got the tinted headlight covers, a big bulgy hood, and a bumper piece that's called "Stalker" fittingly! If this car pulled up behind me, I'd be running for my life!