Oldsmobile Alero Buyer's Guide


Extreme Dimensions

Racer Kit (FULL)

Anybody who's looking to give their Alero that sort of street-presence that turns heads instantaneously, the Alero body kits from Extreme Dimensions are the perfect addition. The Racer body kit incorporates a relatively-understated front bumper, striking sideskirts and a wild rear bumper, sourced from Extreme Dimensions' aptly-named Kombat kit. In short, this is an extravagant kit that will instantly change the look and reception of your Alero. Plus, it's reasonably priced too - just $441.51 from Andy's Auto Sport.

Racer Kit (FULL)


American Racing

Santa Cruz Gloss w/ Black Lip

American Racing's line of stylish wheels are loved by all forms of motoring enthusiasts, and their Santa Cruz wheels look good on just about any car. With a simple, split 5-spoke design, a pronounced lip and top-level build quality, these rims look great, and they improve brake cooling! Available through Andy's Auto Sport at the starting price of $127.82 each.


Pace Setter

ARMOR Coated Headers

Pace Setter's headers and exhaust systems feature beautiful, mandrel-bent, steel tubing and thick steel flanges which make them a crowd favorite. Add their heat-resistant ceramic "ARMOR" coating and you've got a fantastic auto part on your hands. Improve engine note, torque, and horsepower and give your engine bay a distinctive exhaust note for a very reasonable $891.26 a pair.


Dimension Lab

OEM Style Replacement Headlights


Dimension Lab's extensive line of OEM-style parts is truly staggering in scale and quality. If you're looking to renovate your Alero's front end on a budget, these replacement headlights are perfect. Built to the same specifications and standards as the OEM lights, these parts fare easily installed and will have your car looking new in no time. Available through Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable $58.66 a light.



Centerforce I Clutch Kit

The Centerforce I is designed as a high-quality entry-level performance clutch kit for those in need of a superior stock replacement. Using the patented Centerforce centrifugal weights (where applicable) and premium friction materials, the Centerforce Stage 1 clutch system is perfect for applications with stock engines or mild power increases from minor bolt-on modifications. Available through Andy's Auto Sport at $651.81 each.



Jet Steering Wheel (Black Leather)

Momo is a name just about everybody knows, not just car enthusiasts. The Momo Jet steering wheels are a great addition because not only do they add a custom-touch to your Alero's interior, but they improve driver comfort as well. With improved ergonomics and a tactile surface, you'll feel more in control of your car the minute you install this fine auto part, which will help jump start your Alero tuning program. This stylish upgrade is available through Andy's Auto Sport $289.95:



Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

A high-flow cat is a necessity for anyone who has modified their Alero's exhaust system and desires to drive it aggressively while retaining a road-legal status. These direct-fit catalytic converters from Magnaflow, a name synonymous with quality, are designed for optimized performance, improved durability in the face of spirited driving and smog-legality. Available through Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable $596.04.


MP Racing

Black Chrome Intake

MP Racing intakes are made from mandrel bent 3" .065 wall 6061 polished aluminum tubes. Intakes include install instructions. Couplers are made from 3ply reinforced silicone and come in 1 of 3 colors (black, red, blue). Clamps are 100% stainless steel "liner" style that won't bite or otherwise degrade or damage the coupler. MP Racing only uses S&B Power Stack Air Filters which have been shown via independent testing to flow and filter better than a comparable size K&N intake. Available through Andy's Auto Sport at a reasonable $214.99 each:


Extreme Dimensions

Spyder 3 Fiberglass Hoods

Adding a fiberglass hood isn't just a cosmetic add-on. Though they look imposing, the real treasure in this part is that it's incredibly light, thus improving overall performance, and it funnels air into the engine bay, thus reducing underhood temperatures. Available through Andy's Auto Sport for at a sale price of $359.20 each, this fantastic auto part shouldn't be overlooked.



Deluxe Floormats with Vinyl Trim

Adding a set of custom floormats is a great way to keep your interior clean and give it a custom look. These mats from Matrix come with a vinyl trim and they also come in several different color combinations. Available through Andy's Auto Sport at $29.50 for 4.