Ford Buyer's Guide


Hannemann Fiberglass Inc.

Fiberglass Front Bumper

Take some weight off the front end of your Ranger with this Hannemann Fiberglass front bumper, which will provide you with improved handling and fuel economy. Hannemann Fiberglass is an industry leader and certainly knows what they're doing when it comes to fiberglass parts for your Ford. This part is also available for the Ford F-150! Check out their selection of truck accessories at Andy's Auto Sport.

1993-1997 Ford Ranger Hanneman Fiberglass Front Bumper


VIS Racing

Cobra R Front Bumper

This attractive front bumper is styled to resemble the one seen on the limited-edition Cobra R. This piece builds on the boxy Mustang's looks rather that diverting in style, which ultimately provides a cohesive look that adds a certain degree of sportiness while still looking OEM. With an extended front bumper and larger intakes, this kit will help your Mustang look and feel more at home while on track. Add some definitive performance looks without spending as much as you would with a full body kit. Available from trusted retailers Andy's Auto Sport for a very reasonable price of $152.15.

1999-2004 Ford Mustang VIS Racing Cobra R Body Kit - Front Bumper



Ceramic-Coated Headers

These fine aftermarket headers are sure to add that distinctive grumble to your exhaust, add power and improve throttle response. Ceramic-coated to minimize heat and resist warping, these stainless steel headers are ready to stand up against hard driving and high-revving. Installation is easy with the JBL headers and their improved flow helps maximize any gains from ported heads - so it's not surprising these are some of the more popular aftermarket Mustang auto parts around. Available from Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable $766.19 a pair, you're sure to see and feel the improvement from the minute these are installed on your Mach 1.

1999-2004 Ford Mustang JBA Titanium Ceramic Coated Shorty Header



Torq Thrust

American Racing's line of wheels is extremely popular amongst hot-rodders because of their durable build quality, their diversity of style and their reasonable pricing. The Torq Thrust, one of the classic models brought on by this company, feature a timeless 5-spoke design, a pronounced lip and simple, but aggressive looks, making thesewheels for your Ford an eye-catcher, regardless of what brand of car they adorn, be it a Ford or a Dodge. These awesome rims are available through Andy's Auto Sport at a starting price of $160.64 a piece.




Powerflo Exhaust

SLP's innovate Powerflo exhaust system uses their modular technology to facilitate reconfiguration and improve adaptability. By simply loosening band clamps at attaching the new exhaust component, the process is complete. What this means is that if the included Powerflo mufflers aren't exciting enough for you, the addition of SLP's insane Loud Mouth mufflers is only a tightening of a band clamp away. This awesome part for your Ford is available at Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable $519.35.

1999-2004 Ford Mustang SLP Exhaust Systems - PowerFlo




The OMP ARS is a purpose-made racing seat designed to deliver the highest level of performance for a reasonable affordable price, making them some of the more popular aftermarket auto parts around. With a lightweight fiberglass backing and minimal cushioning (comes with removable seat, back and leg cushions), its intent is pretty clear from the get go. This seat is supposed to help an ambitious driver better feel the movements of his Mach 1, especially with circuit driving. This seat not only reduces weight improves crash safety - it's outfitted for a proper 5-point racing harness. Best of all is that this high-quality seat - OMP is one of the premier racing apparel manufacturers in the world - comes at a relatively cheap price, $699.00 via Andy's Auto Sport.

1999-2004 Ford Mustang OMP Seat- ARS


VIS Racing

GT500-Style Carbon Hood

This lightweight addition not only adds some aggressive looks, but improves performance as well. With the large intake sitting proudly in the middle of the hood, improved air circulation helps keep temperatures at a reasonable rate, which are of prime importance when tracking or racing your Mach 1. Reduced weight means the nose-heavy Mustang's tendency to over-work the front tires is diminished. Available at Andy's Auto Sport, this carbon hood offers trick looks without attracting the wrong kind of attention, and it only costs $1,124.20.

1999-2004 Ford Mustang VIS Carbon Fiber Hood - GT 500 Style