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Fits: 68-69 Plymouth Barracuda , RWD, 68-72 Dodge Dart, 68-72 Plymouth Valiant, 69-72 Dodge Dart Swinger, 70-72 Plymouth Duster, 71-72 Dodge Dart Demon, 71- ...

PART# IK7042

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Fits: 71-72 Dodge Dart Demon, 71-74 Dodge Challenger, 71-74 Plymouth Satellite , RWD, 71-75 Plymouth Roadrunner, 71-76 Dodge Coronet, 71-76 Dodge Dart, 71-7 ...

PART# IK7049

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Fits: 73-76 Dodge Dart, 73-76 Dodge Dart Swinger, 73-76 Plymouth Duster, 73-76 Plymouth Scamp Base, 73-76 Plymouth Valiant, 76-80 Dodge Aspen, 76-80 Plymout ...

PART# IK7086

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Fits: 66-70 Dodge Coronet, 66-70 Dodge Super Bee, 66-70 Plymouth GTX, 66-72 Dodge Charger, 67-69 Plymouth Barracuda, 67-72 Dodge Dart, 67-76 Dodge Dart, 67 ...

PART# 3004

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Steering is one of the most crucial systems on your vehicle when it comes to safety and performance. While some cars use a rack and pinion steering setup, many classic cars and modern day trucks rely on a steering box design. With this setup there is an idler arm on one side of the vehicle which transmits steering inputs to the passenger side wheel. Keeping these components in good shape is paramount if you want your vehicle to track straight and turn well. If your idler arm wears out or is damaged it can have disastrous consequences. To avoid getting into an accident we highly recommend replacing your idler arm with a new unit. Not only will this ensure safety but it will make your vehicle more pleasant to drive and improve performance.
The basic idea behind a steering box is to give the driver an increased mechanical advantage to help turn the wheels. Without the added help of a gear reduction box, turning the wheels would be extremely difficult, and feedback from the road would likely rip the steering wheel right out of your hands. The steering box usually acts directly on the driver's side front wheel by means of a tie rod. The job of the idler arm is to connect the passenger side wheel to the driver's side wheel so that when the steering wheel is turned, both wheels turn in unison. As you can see this is an important task, so if you have any doubts about the condition of your idler arm, we strongly recommend replacement.
Q: What are idler arms? Why buy them?
A: Idler arms are the part of your steering system that links the steering box to the passenger side front wheel. They have the crucial task of making sure the passenger’s side wheel is synched up with the driver’s side wheel so that you have crisp turns and no misalignment occurs. On vehicles equipped with a steering box, such as most trucks and classic cars, the idler arms undergo a tremendous amount of stress and strain that can cause them to wear out over the years. An idler arm failure could have catastrophic results, so we highly recommend having a trained mechanic carefully inspect your steering system and if need be, replace your idler arm with a brand new high-quality unit that will last you for many years to come.

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