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Fits: 01-06 Highlander, 01-06 Rav4, 05-07 Grand Vitara


Qty: 4

Fits: 06-07 Rav4


Qty: 4

Fits: 2006-10 TOYOTA RAV-4

PART# 7975P-C

Qty: 6

Fits: 2001-05 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER, 2001-05 TOYOTA RAV-4

PART# 6975P-C

Qty: 6

Fits: 2001-2005 Toyota Rav 4, 2002-2005 Toyota Highlander, 2005-2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara


Retail: $79.00
Qty: Set of 4

Fits: 2006-2012 Toyota Rav 4


Retail: $89.00
Qty: Set of 4

Fits: 98-00 Toyota Rav4

PART# 18-TORAV98-13X

Qty: 4

Fits: 06-07 Toyota Rav4

PART# 18-TORAV06-73X

Qty: 4

Fits: All Jeeps (Universal), Universal


Qty: 4

Fits: All Jeeps (Universal), Universal

PART# WH521-14C-B

Qty: 4

Fits: All Jeeps (Universal), Universal

PART# WH526-14S-BX

Qty: 4

Fits: All Jeeps (Universal), Universal

PART# WH529-14C-BX

Qty: 4


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NEW 2006-2012 Toyota RAV 4 RAV4 16" Hubcap Wheelcover Wheel Cover After Market

06-12 Toyota Rav4 Rav 4 17" Chrome New Wheel Skin Hubcap Hub Cap Covers Set of 4

NEW SET of 4 16" 2006-2012 Toyota RAV 4 RAV4 Hubcaps Wheelcover Wheel Cover

Set of 4 98 99 00 Toyota Rav4 16" 5 Spoke Wheel Center Caps Hubcaps

NEW 2006-2012 Toyota RAV 4 RAV4 16" Hubcap Wheelcover Wheel Cover

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Toyota Rav 4 hub caps to ensure that you have every hubcap option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Toyota Rav 4 hub caps, so that whether you are looking for a cheap Toyota Rav 4 wheel hubcap or a replacement hub cap or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Toyota Rav 4 hubcap needs!

Sure, aftermarket wheels are popular, but sometimes all you need is a fresh set of hubcaps to help bring your ride back to its factory-fresh glory. Hubcaps are much more cost-effective than alloy wheels, and can even be customized with paint for a custom look. You can even swap hubcaps from a different make and model onto your vehicle for an even more unique appearance.
Today's hubcaps are so advanced that we often can't tell one apart from an alloy wheel at a reasonable distance. Some hubcaps are even made to simulate much more expensive wheels, while others (called wheel "skins") are chrome-plated plastic covers that exactly match the wheels that they are installed over. You don't have to spend a ton of money anymore to have a set of rollers that look like a million bucks! Whether you're looking for a stock or custom look, a new set of hubcaps can do a great job of dressing up your factory wheels.
Q: What are hubcaps? Why buy them?
A: Hubcaps are the decorative covers that clip into steel wheels to give your ride an enhanced aesthetic. They also serve to protect the overall finish of the wheel and keep harmful dust and moisture away from your lug nuts, which will significantly increase their lifespan. Hubcaps are one of the most affordable ways to dress up your vehicle. Whether you are simply looking to bring your car back to like-new condition or you want to give it some custom appeal, hubcaps are the simplest way to go. They are available in myriad styles and finishes from mild to wild, so no matter what your taste you are sure to find the perfect hubcaps to complete your vehicle’s look. When it comes to customizing your ride on the cheap it is hard to beat a new set of hubcaps.

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