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Q: What is a heat shield? Why buy one?
A: Heat Shields are designed to protect your car from the harmful heat that is given off by the engine and exhaust system. Intense engine heat can damage plastic and rubber components, hurt the finish of the vehicle, and significantly decrease the engines performance. Motors are capable of producing more power when the intake charge is cooler, so if they suck in hot air from the engine bay, power will suffer. With performance heat shields you can keep the hot air away so that only cool air comes in, giving more horsepower and better efficiency. They will also reduce warping and cracking of components in the engine bay saving you on repair costs down the road. In addition aftermarket heat shields will provide a great custom look to any engine bay and help your ride to stand apart from the crowd.

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08 Infiniti G37 Exhaust Manifold Heat Shields R11404

OEM Nissan 350Z Infiniti G35 M35 M45 FX35 FX45 Exhaust Manifold Heat Shields 2X

03-06 Infiniti G35 OEM Exhaust Manifolds Both Sides from 2004 G35 w/heat shields

2008 Infiniti G37 Manifold Heat Shields Pair

05 Infiniti G35 Engine Heat Shields R6035

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