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Fits: 06-08 Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500

PART# 402232

Qty: Pair

Fits: 2009-2013 Dodge Ram


Retail: $50.00
Qty: Each


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New PUTCO Chrome Headlight Trim Rings / FITS DODGE RAM 1500 2500 3500

10-13 Dodge Ram 2500+3500 Truck Chrome HeadLight Head Light Trim Bezel+LED Cover

09 Dodge Ram 2500+3500 Chrome HeadLight Head Light Trim Bezel+White LED Cover

06-08 Dodge Ram Truck Chrome HeadLight Head Light Trim Bezel+White LED Cover

New PUTCO Chrome Headlight Trim Rings / FITS DODGE RAM 1500 2500 3500

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Dodge Ram headlight trim to ensure that you have every headlight trim option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Dodge Ram headlight trim, so that whether you are looking for chrome headlight trim or a headlight trim ring or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Dodge Ram headlight trim needs!

Most people do not give trim a second thought. But ask any restorer or customizer and they will tell you that the small things such as headlight trim make all the difference between an average vehicle and a great one. Even though you may not realize it, a vehicle with headlight trim is much more likely to draw your attention than one without it. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have an excellent selection of headlight trim for you to choose from. So when you are ready to update your vehicle's look, be sure to browse through our extensive collection and pick out the right trim for your needs.
In the early days of the automobile designers put a lot of attention into bright work and headlight trim. Elaborate chrome trim rings were common place on many vehicles. But as cost became more of a factor the expensive trim components were deleted from most vehicles leaving a rather bland front fascia. Now you can bring back the glory days of style and design by adding your own aftermarket headlight trim to your ride. With the subtle touch of headlight trim your vehicle will turn heads like never before, and best of all it will not cost you a fortune.

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