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VW BEETLE NON TURBO MODELS 691946 PAINTED Ground Effects 5 Pc Kit 2012-2014

VW BEETLE NON TURBO MODELS Unpainted Ground Effects 691945 4 Pc Kit 2012-2013

VW BEETLE NON TURBO MODELS Unpainted Ground Effects 691946 5 Pc Kit 2012-2013

VW BEETLE NON TURBO MODELS PAINTED Ground Effects 691945 4 Pc Kit 2012-2013

VW BEETLE TURBO MODELS PAINTED Ground Effects 691945-T 4 Pc Kit 2012-2013

12-14 VW Bug Beetle 3dCarbon 6 Piece Urethane Body Ground Effect Kit - non Turbo


At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Volkswagen Beetle ground wires to ensure that you have every ground wire kit option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Volkswagen Beetle ground wires, so that whether you are looking for cheap Volkswagen Beetle ground wires or a specialty ground wire kit or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Volkswagen Beetle ground wire kit needs!

Upgrading your ride's ground system can be a good way to improve its overall drivability, and one of the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing ways to do this is by installing a ground kit. Better grounding and more equalized voltage carries with it many advantages, such as brighter headlights, easier startups, and smoother idle, so we recommend checking into what a new ground kit can do for your ride.
We were honestly quite skeptical when ground kits (also called "earth" or "earthing" systems) first started hitting the market a few years ago, but we were sold once we found out that a new ground kit could improve throttle response, decrease electrical load, and even add a couple of horsies under the hood. Best of all (in our opinion), installing a new ground kit can drastically reduce audio interference and noise, which is especially important to those of us who have aftermarket stereo components.
Q: What is a ground kit? Why buy one?
A: Ground kits are used to enhance your vehicle’s electrical system by ensuring that all the circuits in the vehicle, particularly the high draw circuits, are properly grounded and not causing an unnecessary drain on the electrical system. A weak ground lead can mean your engine and battery have to work harder to supply current throughout the vehicle. With the addition of ground kits, utilizing high quality wires and connectors, your vehicle’s electrical system will run at maximum efficiency reducing the overall electrical load which can translate to some additional horsepower and longer lifespans for your electronic components. In addition ground kits will reduce power surges that can affect your vehicle’s ECU and sensors and in the end impact performance. These kits make a great addition to any vehicle, but are especially important if you run a high-power stereo or aftermarket ignition system.

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