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Fits: 92-96 Corvette V8 5.7, 93-97 Camaro Z28 V8 5.7, 93-97 Firebird Formula, Trans Am GT, Trans Am V8 5.7, 94-96 Caprice Base, Classic, LS V8 5.7, 94-96 Fl ...

PART# 950-105

Qty: Each

Fits: 85-91 Corvette V8 5.7, 85-92 Camaro Base, IROC-Z, Z28 V8 5.0/5.7, 85-92 Firebird Base, Formula, Trans Am GTA, Trans Am V8 5.0/5.7

PART# 950-101

Qty: Each


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Nice Oem GM Chevrolet Geo Metro Fuel & Emissions Control System Service Manual

Geo Prizm Fuel And Emission Control Systems 4A-FE Engine GM Copyright 1989

Q: What is a fuel control system? Why buy one?
A: Fuel control systems are electronic devices that connect to your vehicle’s existing computer and allow you to maximize your engine’s performance by tweaking the air/fuel ratios. In doing so it is possible to increase both power and efficiency so that you can pick up a few mpg but improve acceleration as well. Fuel control systems are especially important if you have performed other modifications to your vehicle. Sometimes free flowing air filters or high flow exhaust systems can cause the air/fuel mixture to go out of whack. This can lead to dangerous conditions that will cause permanent damage to your motor. However, with fuel control systems you can tune your vehicle specifically for these modifications to gain even more power and keep the air/fuel ratio in a safe range.

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