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Subaru Impreza Flame Thrower Kits

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Fits: All Jeeps (Universal), All Vehicles (Universal)


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Everyone loves a little fire. If you have ever been to a custom car show or cruise night and seen a car spitting flames out of the exhaust, you probably were wondering how the heck they did that. No it's not just a really powerful motor or some trick fuel additive; these folks are running flame thrower kits. When you use flame thrower kits on your vehicle, you are guaranteed to turn heads and have people wondering what modifications you made to your motor to have it shoot flames. While flame thrower kits are not legal for the street, they make the perfect addition to any show car, and are a great way to get just about any car enthusiast smiling.
Flame thrower kits have been around since the early years of hot rodding. Back in those days shade tree mechanics would build their own kits from scratch parts they found lying around the shop. Now there are great preassembled flame thrower kits that are easy to install to help you get the fire going without a lot of hassle. The premise of the flame thrower kit is pretty simple. The exhaust that comes out your tailpipe contains a bit of fuel that has not been completely combusted. So, if you are able to add a spark to that unspent fuel, the result is a nice flame. In fact flame thrower kits can produce a flame up to 20 feet long. If you want to be the hottest ride at the show, check out our assortment of flame thrower kits.
Q: What is a flame thrower kit? Why buy one?
A: Flame thrower kits are an add-on special effect that allows you to release a huge stream of flames from your exhaust pipe at the touch of a button. This is the perfect addition to any show or novelty car and never fails to get the crowd excited. Much like the gadgets attached to a secret agent’s car, a flame thrower kit will give you all of the flare of James Bond without any of the danger. If you want a special touch when you pull into the next show and shine, or are looking for some extra flair from your burnouts, it is hard to beat a flame thrower kit. These kits are simple to install and can be adapted to virtually any vehicle, so no matter what your application there is a kit to fit your needs. Light the fire and wow your friends with one of these great kits.

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