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Fits: 2005-2014 Nissan Frontier

PART# 106472

Retail: $299.00
Qty: Pair

Fits: 98-00 Frontier 2Wd

PART# 1644-31-1

Qty: Each

Fits: 01-03 Frontier

PART# HF7005

Qty: Pair

Fits: 98-00 Frontier 2Wd

PART# 1644-31-2

Qty: Each

Fits: 05-10 Frontier Crew Cab 59.5" Short Bed

PART# 71906-02

Qty: Set

Fits: 05-10 Nissan Frontier (4.0L)


Retail: $62.79
Qty: Each

Fits: 05-10 Frontier, 95-02 Dodge Ram, Nissan Titan, All Years

PART# HF7030

Qty: Pair

Fits: 05-10 Frontier Crew Cab & King Cab 73.3" Long Bed

PART# 71907-02

Qty: Set

Fits: 05-06 Nissan Frontier Le, Nismo Off-Road, Se, Xe

PART# 6423

Qty: 4

Fits: 05-10 Nissan Frontier (4.0L)


Retail: $62.79
Qty: Each

Fits: 98-00 Nissan Frontier (W/O Flares) 2/4Dr


Qty: Pair

Fits: 05-10 Nissan Frontier (2.5L)


Retail: $45.31
Qty: Each

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05-12 Frontier Pathfinder Left Front Fender NI1240184 Primered For 63101ZL15A LH

Nisson Frontier Fender Trim

631133S530 NI1240158 Left Front New Fender Driver Side LH Hand for Frontier

FIT 98-04 Frontier Left Fender Liner NI1248104 New Splash Shield Base XE 4Cyl

SPLASH SHIELD Inner Fender Liner 98-04 Frontier Fender Liner Left LH Driver

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Nissan Frontier fenders to ensure that you have every fender option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Nissan Frontier fenders, so that whether you are looking for custom fiberglass fenders or replacement front Nissan Frontier fenders or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Nissan Frontier fender needs!

Steel, fiberglass, and carbon fiber fenders can give your vehicle a fresh look if your originals are damaged or otherwise unsightly. Carbon fiber fenders, as well as many fiberglass versions, can be much lighter than factory fenders, which is important if your ride is built for speed, and with the extra room that some of them provide you can run larger wheels and tires without worrying about clearance.
Whether you're looking for metal, fiberglass, or even carbon fiber fenders, you will need to have them painted to match the rest of your paint. Steel fenders are generally exact replicas of the originals, while fiberglass and carbon fiber fenders are often flared to allow for wider wheels and tires, and may have vents behind the wheel openings. These vents, although mostly for aesthetic purposes, do provide some level of cooling for your front brakes as well. Installing fenders is relatively easy as long as you're careful to not scratch your paint.

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