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4-Pin EP29 EP29N LED Flasher Relay Fix For LED Turn Signal Lamps Hyper Flash

In the world of mobile audio, sound quality is the ultimate goal. While a regular head unit allows you some control over bass and treble levels, the tuning abilities are not wide enough to really maximize the sound quality in your ride. In order to truly get the best out of your setup it is important to add equalizers to your system. With equalizers on board you can adjust individual frequency ranges to optimize your music. So if you are transitioning from hip hop to classical, a few adjustments can let your stereo system compensate perfectly. At Andy's we have a large selection of equalizers from all of the top brand names, so you are sure to find what you are looking for somewhere in our lineup.
Equalizers were initially developed for live sound applications. At concerts and shows where there are many different microphones and amplified instruments it was of utmost importance to be able to control levels individually to give the audience the best possible sound. However they quickly gained popularity with car audio enthusiasts who realized the amazing benefits. With equalizers not only can you adapt your setup to different music types, but you can also adjust for things like road noise, droning and the acoustical shape of your vehicle's interior. It is truly amazing how much difference a few tweaks of the EQ can make.
Q: What does an Equalizer do? Why buy an Equalizer?
A: If you have ever been to a concert and seen a guy sitting at the back of the theater in a booth operating a bunch of sliding knobs, then you have seen an equalizer in action. The basic function of an equalizer is to let you fine tune the output signals for various frequency ranges to customize the sounds to your particular taste or to compensate for acoustic problems. Each band on an equalizer represents a frequency range that you can fine tune in. This usually ranges from around 50 Hz to 16 kHz. A simple equalizer may only be split up into 4 bands but larger equalizers are in the 7 to 10 band range. If you what the freedom to adjust your stereo for different styles of music or songs, or maybe find that you like a richer sound when playing music that doesn't work for listening to the news, then an equalizer will certainly help you out.

Q: How do I know how many bands I should get in my Equalizer?
A: Equalizers can make a great addition to any sound system. They are particularly useful if you find yourself listening to many different types of music where you need to be able to custom tune your stereo to get the best sound from each style. Each band on an equalizer represents a frequency range, so the more bands on the equalizer the better your ability will be to fine tune the sound quality of your system. The amount of bands you choose is largely decided by personal taste. If you are really picky and want to be able to make every possible tweak to your sound quality a 7-10 band equalizer is probably what you want. However if you just want to compensate for things like resonating road noise and the basic acoustic problems of your car's interior a 4 band equalizer is probably enough.

Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

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