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Fits: 67-72 Chevrolet/GMC Trucks

PART# C9357

Qty: Each

Fits: 1999-2004 Volkswagen Golf, 1999-2004 Volkswagen Jetta

PART# 95-23-52-2

Qty: Each

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BMW 320i 1978,79 2 door latches USED

2 Aluminum Polaris RZR Doors 570 800 900 Side By Side UTV W/slam Latches Silver

Door latches are one of those components that you never think about until something goes wrong. The basic function of your door latch is to keep your door tightly secured when it is closed, and allow it to release easily when you engage the door handle. With time, use, and exposure to moisture, door latches wear down and begin to fail. This can lead to dangerous situations like your door flying open while you are driving, or not being able to get out of the car in an emergency situation. Thankfully we have a good selection of replacement door latches so you can get your vehicle back into good working condition, and stay safe on the road.
Door latches have been around about as long as cars have had doors. They are real wear and tear items that commonly need replacement, but a few things can speed up their demise. Misaligned doors from poor installation or accident damage can cause door latches to engage improperly. The physical strain will quickly wear down the latch and cause it to fail. In addition, if you live in an area where temperatures dip below freezing, the climate can be especially hard on door latches. It is possible for water to get into your door latch and then freeze. This can temporarily prevent the latch from working, but it is also possible for the expansion of ice to permanently damage your door latch. If this is the case, replacement door latches are what you need.

Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

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