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If you are looking to build a high-performance stereo or even if you have a few uprated components, there are a few tricks that will boost your sound quality immensely. One simple modification that will transform your car audio is the addition of crossovers. When you play music over your stereo, the audio signal contains a host of different frequency wavelengths. Unfortunately most of your speakers cannot handle the full spectrum of wavelengths so a lot of the audio signal goes to waste. This is where crossovers come in. They split the audio signal into separate wavelengths and direct them to the appropriate speakers to maximize sound. At Andy's we have a complete offering of crossovers so you can give your vehicle the optimal sound you have been wanting.
Crossovers are built using high-tech electrical components including inductors and capacitors, which work together to filter out unwanted frequencies and only allow the appropriate frequencies to reach the speakers that can reproduce sounds in that range. If a speaker is exposed to frequencies that it cannot reproduce, like low bass frequencies going to a tweeter, over time it can damage the speaker and eventually cause it to fail. This effect is accentuated in high-powered setups that utilize large amplifiers. While many people think that crossovers are only for full custom stereos, we recommend that you consider crossovers for even a mildly upgraded setup if your ride does not already have one.
Q: What does a Crossover do? Why buy a Crossover?
A: The job of a crossover is to split your audio signal into different bands based on the frequencies and then these bands can be routed to the speakers that are best suited for those bands. In other words it sends the bass signals to the subwoofers and the high-frequency signals to the tweeters. By using a crossover your subwoofers will no longer waste energy trying to process the entire acoustic band but only the frequencies that it can handle. This makes for added clarity in your car audio system and also gives the owner more flexibility when it comes to fine tuning the system.

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