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Chevrolet Crank Trigger Kits

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Q: What is a crank trigger kit? Why buy one?
A: Crank trigger kits are designed to update older vehicle ignition system to a more modern and accurate electronic setup. The kits utilize a wheel mounted on the front of the crankshaft which triggers either a magnetic or electronic signal as the engine turns over to accurately determine the precise moment to send spark to the spark plugs. This setup is much more accurate and reliable than points units and older electronic setups and will keep your old car running like new. In addition to reliability many of these systems are easily tunable so that you can optimize power and acceleration, or dial in your vehicle for the specific type of driving that you normally do, be it road racing or drag racing. This is perhaps the single best upgrade you can make to any classic car if you are looking for both improved performance and reliability.

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MSD 8620 Crank Trigger Flying Magnet Chevy Big Block Kit

MSD 8610 Crank Trigger Flying Magnet Chevy Small Block Chevy Kit 7" SBC

FAST Crank Trigger Magnet-Free Chevy Big Block Kit 301180

MSD Ignition 8610 Flying Magnet Crank Trigger Kit Small Block Chevy

Chevy BBC 454 8" Aluminum Magnetic Crank Trigger Kit

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