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Fits: 84-86 Mercedes Benz 190/190E 2.3


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Mercedes W201 190E 190D TEXTAR OEM Front + Rear Brake Pad Kit + Sensors

Mercedes w201 w124 two Front ABS Brake Pad Sensor Harness 201 190e 124 300e 400e

Mercedes Benz 190D 190E 260E 300D 380 & 500 Brake Pad Wear Sensors 201 540 03 17

2 Front MB 190D 190E 260E 300TE 380SEC 500SEC E300 Disc Brake Pad Wear Sensor

NEW Mercedes W124 W201 300TE 300TD 190E 260E JURID Disc Brake Pad Front W-SENSOR

Brake pads are put through the ringer facing intense heat and pressure that causes them to wear down and require replacement. If a pad wears down to far it can permanently damage the brake rotor and other components which in turn leads to one very expensive trip to the mechanic. Fortunately many vehicle designers have incorporated a sensor system which tells you how far your pads have worn, and when they require replacement. These brake pad sensors can be real life savers. There are brake pad sensors to work with OEM brake pads as well as aftermarket units, so if you upgrade to better pads for your vehicle, be sure to get the appropriate sensor wires to match.
While high-tech electronic brake pad sensors are a relatively new phenomenon, the idea of a warning system for brake pad wear has been around for some time. In the early days of disc brakes many companies would add a metal plate behind the brake pad. The plate had a tiny metal tang that would touch the brake rotor when the pads were close to worn out. This would cause a slight squealing noise that would notify the driver that it was time for new brakes. Fortunately high-end companies have developed much more sophisticated technology to more precisely measures pad wear and ensure that you avoid expensive brake damage.
Q: What are brake pad sensors? Why buy them?
A: Brake pad sensors are electronic sensors equipped to modern vehicles that detect when the brake pads have worn down to a critical level. While this may not sound important, it can actually mean the difference between cheap routine maintenance and expensive repairs. When your brake pads wear all the way down they can permanently damage your expensive rotors, and in some case can damage the hubs and brake calipers as well. With brake pad sensors you will know when it is time to change your pads and avoid a costly trip to the dealer. Brake pad sensors are also available for upgraded performance pads, so that you can run high-temperature pads without losing this built in safety feature.

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