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Subaru : Impreza 2.0i Sport Premium Certified 2014 4K MILES 1 OWNER 2014 subaru impreza 4 k low miles cruise bluetooth aux 1 owner cln carfax

Android Bluetooth OBD2 for Subaru BRZ Impreza Forester XV 1996-2015 OBDII Torque

08 09 12 13 Subaru Impreza Forester Bluetooth Radio CD Player CM621UB 86201FJ620

2012 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX BRZ OEM Navigation Bluetooth HD BT XM Radio FW602US

08 09 Subaru IMPREZA FORESTER Navigation Radio BLUETOOTH AUX 6 CD Disc Player XM

If you want added functionality and convenience from your vehicle, then Bluetooth technology should be on your radar. With Bluetooth devices it is possible to make your car into a mobile office by connecting numerous gadgets so that they can seamlessly interface together. For example, with Bluetooth accessories it is possible to connect your cell phone to your vehicle's navigation system, and it allows you to answer phone calls using your in-car stereo. The possibilities are seemingly endless. At Andy's we have a great selection of Bluetooth adapters and accessories to give your vehicle the technological edge and ensure a positive and productive driving experience.
Bluetooth technology has been around since the late 1990s and is based on simple short-range radio communication. Using radio frequencies in the ISM band, Bluetooth can communicate with up to 7 different devices and transmit information over short distances. This wireless technology is best known for its use in cordless cellphone headsets, however new applications for the technology are being discovered every day. The name "Bluetooth" itself was derived from a 10th century Danish King who was famous for uniting the scattered Danish tribes. Similarly Bluetooth has united many communication modes into a single technology that looks to have a very bright future.
Q: What does Bluetooth do? Why buy a Bluetooth product?
A: Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses short wave radio transmissions to automatically connect and send data over small distances like from a head set to a cell phone. Bluetooth has been heavily used by the cell phone industry for devices such as hands free headsets and also to link cell phones directly to a car's stereo and navigation systems. It is also used for personal computers, GPS systems, gaming consoles, and other device networking purposes. Bluetooth has revolutionized the way devices interact and has made life that much more convenient. Getting a product that is Bluetooth compatible will give you the ability to utilize these wireless networking features to make things like hands-free phone calls from your car a breeze.

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