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Fits: All Jeeps, All SUVs, All Trucks, All Vans


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Disney Mickey Head Baby Car Seat Belt Covers Harness Shoulder Cushion Pads 2Pc

NANODYZE 16oz Fabric Protector Stain Proof Preventor Waterproof Car Baby Seat

New High Quality Safety Infant Child Baby Car Seat Seats Carrier Protable

Disney Minnie Head Baby Car Seat Belt Covers Harness Shoulder Cushion Pads 2Pc

Portable Safety Booster Car Seat Cover Cushion Harness for Baby Kid Infant TA

If you have young children, or maybe you have a little one on the way, then it is time to get the appropriate gear to transport them safely. Aftermarket baby seats are essential to keep children safe inside your vehicle. Due to their small weight and physical stature, conventional seat belts do not work for infants and young children. In fact a standard seat belt can actually cause more harm than it does good when it comes to toddlers and children. A properly attached baby seat is by far the safest way to go. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a wide selection of baby seats to suit different ages and sizes of infants and young kids. With a good selection of colors you can keep your matching interior while providing your offspring with the utmost safety.
Baby safety seats weren't developed until the 1960s. Prior to that, seat belts were not commonly seen in vehicles. In fact many folks felt that seat belts were dangerous and could trap you in the car, and preferred the idea that being thrown clear of an accident was the safest way to go. Of course engineering and scientific testing quickly proved otherwise and seat belts were promptly mandated. Now it is the law that children under the age of 7 have to ride in baby seats designed for children less than 40 pounds, and depending on height and weight it may still be necessary for children to use booster seats even after the age of 7. Be safe and be legal; get your child a baby seat.
Q: What is a baby seat? Why buy one?
A: Baby seats are safety seats designed to accommodate infants and small children, and to keep them safe in the event of an accident. Because of the different size, weight and physiology of children, standard size seats and seat belts can actually put them in increased danger when riding in a car. Specially designed baby seats are purpose built to keep the little ones safe and give you peace of mind. Now the same companies who have brought you some of the finest racing seats on the market are producing baby seats. Featuring top of the line crash resistance and side impact protection, these seats use much of the same technology that has gone into racing seat designs. Do not skimp when it comes to your child’s safety. Be sure to get the best baby seat you can to keep your children safe and sound.

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