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Fits: All Jeeps (Universal), Universal

PART# 3230

Type: Touch-Up Paint and Applicators
Qty: Each

Fits: Universal (All Vehicles)

PART# NOR23576

Qty: Each

Whether you are doing a complete restoration project, building up a custom ride, or simply fixing a dent, you are going to have to do some body and paint work. When it comes time to get your hands dirty it is crucial that you have the right products to get the job done. Here at Andy's we have a great selection of auto body materials for you to choose from. No matter how big your project or what level of detail you are trying to achieve our vast selection of products can accommodate your needs. So when you are ready to take the plunge with your auto body project, browse through our catalog to find the perfect auto body materials.
We love do it yourself projects, but when it comes to body work using the right materials is imperative. If you go with the wrong tool or wrong product for the job, the end result will look disappointing. For example if you try to wet send your paint with coarse sand paper, it will come out scratchy and inadequate. Fortunately we have just about every auto body tool and material that you could possibly need including hammers, dollies, spreaders, shapers, sanding blocks, the full spectrum of sand paper, undercoating, touch up paint, and every imaginable type of filler available. With our great lineup of products your project will come out the other end looking fantastic.

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