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Volkswagen Beetle Monsoon Factory Amplifier 98-05


Volkswagen Beetle Passat Golf Cabrio Monsoon Amplifier AMP

2001 VW Beetle monsoon amp comes with mounting brackets

99 00 01 03 04 05 VW JETTA GOLF BEETLE VACUUM VALVE 191906283A 191 906 283 A

Monsoon Amp Bracket VW New Beetle - Amplifier Mount - Genuine OE - 1C0 035 493


If you want a little more sound from your car stereo it is time to start looking into amplifiers. The job of amplifiers is to boost the power output from the head unit to give more volume and clarity to your speakers. This is especially important if you have upgraded to more powerful speakers, as they often require more energy than the deck can supply. With the right amplifiers, your speakers will sound fantastic and leave you wondering how you lived without a car stereo amp. Here at Andy's we can provide you with a good selection of amplifiers covering the full price spectrum to ensure that your vehicle gets the appropriate setup you've been looking for.
Power amplifiers have long been used by the music industry, but they were first developed for car stereo use in the 1970s by pioneers like Jim Fosgate. Quickly the popularity of mobile audio amplifiers increased as better high-powered units became available. Today most vehicles are equipped with amplifiers straight from the factory. However if you upgrade your stereo system it is important to upgrade your amplifier to match. Speakers have very specific power needs and if you don't give them enough juice, your high-end speakers will end up sounding like junk. So don't forget to budget some money for amplifiers when you are building your mobile audio system.
Q: What is a Class D Amplifier?
A: A Class D Amplifier is an electronic amp that operates using binary switches so that the amp is either all the way on or all the way off with little to no time spent in transition. As a result, Class D amplifiers are extremely efficient and will make the most use out of limited battery power, such as in an automotive application. These amplifiers are also highly compact and affordable, although they give up a bit in sound quality to more expensive amplifiers.

Q: How Many Channels Should My Amp Have?
A: Choosing the right amplifier is an important part of building your car audio system. Choosing the right number of channels for your amplifier is determined by the number of speakers (tweeters, mid-range and sub-woofers) you are planning to run. In most cases you want to run one speaker per channel. Although it is possible to run multiple speakers off of the same channel it is not usually recommended since it wouldn't optimize sound quality. In general, sub-woofers require more power than smaller speakers so in many cases they will require their own dedicated amplifier.

Here is an example of possible set-ups: If you have a vehicle with four mid-range speakers and a sub-woofer you know will need one channel per speaker for all five speakers. You can either run a five channel amplifier with a dedicated sub-woofer channel in it, or you can use a four channel amplifier for the mid-range speakers and a separate mono or two channel amp for the sub-woofer. The latter option will provide the cleanest sound and allow your subwoofer to get all the power it can use, but either option will work.

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